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Ultimate Tea Cocktails Recipes

Cocktails have a unwavering, timeless style, so become a purveyor of fine drinking with this collection of classic and contemporary tea cocktails.  Teas vary widely in their flavours, qualities and the effects on the mind and body, with distinctive aromatic finesse they are the perfect companion to sophisticated cocktails. Use any tea that develops a certain degree of aromatic intensity. Flavoured teas are particularly useful because the contribute aromatic notes that are difficult to obtain with juices or alcohol.  Down load your free eBook here

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What is Tea?

What is tea?That's a good question! Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world, surpassed only by water. An often-surprising fact to tea novices is that all teas (Black, Green, Oolong, White, and Pu'erh) come from the same plant. The scientific name of this versatile plant is Camellia sinensis (it's actually related to the lovely camellia flowers seen in botanical gardens and landscapes). Camellia sinensis is a sub-tropical, evergreen plant native to Asia but is now grown around the world. The tea plant grows best in loose, deep soil, at high altitudes, and in sub-tropical climates. So, in short, "tea" is anything derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. Anything else, while sometimes called "tea", is more accurately referred...

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The Benefits of Drinking Tea

A number of scientific researchers have been investigating the possible health benefits contained within tea. And now it appears there’s a growing body of evidence to suggest that drinking tea could actually ward off some very serious conditions, including cancer, obesity and dehydration. Studies have suggested that drinking three or more cups of tea a day could actually be better for you than drinking the same amount of water, with the antioxidants contained within tea boosting the body’s health, at the same time as rehydrating it. The main health benefits of tea drinking Here are some of the key health benefits that scientists reckon tea drinking can bring:   Tea reduces the risk of heart disease - Tea can potentially improve the...

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