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Organic Earl Grey Tea 100g (Large Canister)

Organic Earl Grey Tea 100g (Large Canister)

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Our classic Organic Earl Grey loose leaf tea, is the perfect gift for any tea lover.  Best loose leaf tea / best tasting Australian tea.

Renowned for its wonderful bergamot aroma, Earl Grey tea has become firmly ensconced as an afternoon tea classic.  Earl Grey is believed to have been named after Earl Charles Grey, British Prime Minister (1830 – 34).  Reputedly, he received a gift of tea flavoured with bergamot oil.  It has since become the one of the nation’s favourite teas. It was actually Chinese tea masters who first blended black tea with bergamot.  A sweet, floral bergamot mixed with malty, full-bodied black tea leaves. There are endless ways to sip Earl Grey. The English favour a thin slice of lemon. Parisians prefer a sprig of lavender. In South Africa, they’re partial to Rooibos Earl Grey (which is, helpfully, caffeine free). That light citrus zing has one other bonus – Earl Grey works wonders in desserts. Chocolate is a classic, but try infusing Earl Grey in custard. It makes a cracking crème brûlée.

Our Organic Earl Grey Tea is part of a collection of organic loose leaf teas, which come in a range of pretty eco friendly reusable tea canisters.  Mix and match the entire loose leaf tea collection, collect all colours and blends or make a tea lovers day with the perfect tea gift .

Origin: India.

Ingredients:  Organic Black Tea OP1 & Bergamot Oil.

Serving Suggestion: Add 1-2 teaspoon and brew in 90-95ºC water for 3-5 minutes. Serve with lemon or sugar to taste.

Tea is a way of life, at The Pink Tea Box we aim to bring you the finest loose leaf teas, we want you to love your tea. We want to share with you not only the difference in taste that the finest loose leaf teas can offer but the aromas of different tea, the health benefits of tea, the history of tea, the visual pleasure of tea, and more importantly the different flavours of tea. Whether you are a morning tea, afternoon tea, healthy tea drinker we literally offer a tea for every occasion.

Why not add a fun loose leaf tea infuser into your order, perfect tea lovers gift.

Best selling Australian tea, enjoy the benefits of loose leaf tea

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